Full Suite of Features
Control discounts, rewards and sharing with an industry leading set of options.
Motivated Sharing
Reward loyal influencers for increased advocacy and awareness.
Best in Class Tracking
Detailed analytics to monitor and maximize viral spread.
Reward Dynamics to Take your Coupons Viral

Sometimes all it takes is one powerful voice championing your brand to reach, and blow past, the tipping point of self sustaining marketing momentum. NextBee gives you the ability to find that voice and leverage its potential with viral coupons for your top customers.

The promotion works like this: identify a VIP customer and send them 5 (or 10, or 20, it's up to you) coupons to give to their friends. A friend gets the coupon, makes a purchase and receives 5 coupons of their own to share, and so on. Each coupon that is redeemed triggers 5 more coupons and incentivizes a new customer to quickly become a new advocate.

You're in control of every variable - discount or reward offered, number of coupons, caps on total sharing, etc. - and our dedicated staff will be there every step of the way to manage the set up and implementation of your couponing campaign. Based on your preferences, our team will build everything needed for the program in a matter of weeks, keeping you updated throughout, and your team will only need 1 to 3 hours to integrate the campaign into your site.

Without any special programming from you, we will integrate the notification, distribution and redemption of the coupons directly into your current shopping flow and users accounts.

Send a personalized email to the initial coupon recipient with a unique referral link that they can send to their friends. When their friends click on that link, they can be directed to a landing page on your site (or a microsite) that details the coupon program and prompts them to sign up so they can receive more coupons when they make a purchase (we can also integrate single sign on functionality so that they can sign in with Facebook or Twitter logins). Once they do make a purchase, they'll be emailed a coupon link and the process starts all over.

Our system will track how many times each link has been used and automatically deactivate new coupons being generated from it once the pre-determined number of people have used it to make a purchase. You also have the option to send printable coupons that users can share offline.

The dynamics of viral coupons can be integrated into your existing rewards, loyalty programs, and social media marketing efforts as well.

Give coupons to the first ten users who write a review about a new product; to customers who are the most active over a certain time period, or to loyalty members who accumulate a specific number of points.

Our modular system can be used to harness the time tested marketing value of coupons - with a viral twist - in whatever way you think will have the most impact.

Sophisticated Tracking Software

We're the first to admit that attaining virality isn't an exact science - every campaign can have different outcomes and different breakage factors - which is why we've developed the most comprehensive analytics package on the market. With our admin dashboards you'll have access to every detail with segmented reports that can be viewed by:

  • Email opens and click-throughs
  • Referral channels
  • Social connections
  • Conversions
  • The list goes on...

This gives you insights into not only user engagement, but also on how this engagement drives sales. Furthermore, all your data is stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo so if there's ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.

At NextBee we're passionate about maximizing your marketing efforts by finding new, innovative ways to spread brand awareness and leverage your most valuable asset: your happy customers. With a viral couponing promotion you can monetize their enthusiasm to attain awareness and reach that's unmatched.

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